Sunday, January 06, 2013

So we have a deal…

Well, hockey fans…months and months of pointless posturing, lost revenues and who knows just how much lost respect later…and we finally…maybe…have a deal to salvage what’s left of the 2012-13 National Hockey League season.

Okay, let’s make one thing clear- the NHL and NHL Player’s Association have reached a tentative deal, meaning it still needs to be ratified by the PA and the owners in a vote of their constituents…and, given all the stupidity we’ve seen in this whole process, a “no” vote surely doesn’t seem out of the question.

I digress, though, and hold out hope that the fact that we have a tentative agreement is an indication that the stupidity is done. Of course, the question now is- what’s next?

Like I did with the lockout, examining who won and who lost with this agreement would be pointless, because we all know who the real losers are- the fans. You know, the ones who actually generate the revenues for the sport and the ones who the players and the owners will ultimately have to answer to for their absolutely abhorrent behaviour.

So what do we, as the fans, do? Getting pouty and angry won’t mean much if there’s no action in the end- if we come back in droves and take in the game like we did before then it sends the league no message. Nor will it send them any kind of message if we protest for merely weeks or even just the rest of the year- no, the actions have to continue for years to come.

Oh sure, the league is going to try to woo us all back. They’ll pull all the tricks. However, we cannot be fooled- unless the league shows us some actual change and not some fancy façade, it doesn’t deserve any of us back. So, hockey fans, don’t let the league pull the wool over your eyes- be skeptical, be critical and, most importantly of all, do something. Don’t just mouth a few words in anger and then splurge on the NHL like you did before- vote with your feet, visibly protest and continue doing so until the league has really changed, no matter how long that takes.

I have a forum, and I’ll be far less conciliatory. The time for complacency is done- it’s time for all of us to show the league that we won’t be taken for granted again.


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