Sunday, April 12, 2009

Into The Crystal Ball 2009 Playoff Edition

What a season that was. Playoff hockey comes to Ohio for the first time in history while it won’t be played in Ontario for the first time since 1992. The Montreal Canadiens celebrated their centenary this season with players who’d rather party than play. The Tampa Bay Lightning go from looking like the league’s darlings to a perennial bad joke, while the Pittsburgh Penguins go from laughingstock to saying “look who’s laughing now”. The Calgary Flames win the trade deadline but it’s the Vancouver Canucks who win the division right from under their noses. Oh, and the Chicago Blackhawks finally make the playoffs after what seemed like an eternity. With that all said, it’s time to look into the orb and reveal who will win the Stanley Cup:

Into The Crystal Ball

(special note: it's too long for the blog so I threw it up as a Web Site)

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